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Tunku Khalsom Art Exhibition: The Colours That Surround Us

The talented artist brings colours, emotions and hope through an exhibition called “The Colours That Surround Us”.

Sep 09, 2021 | By luxuo
Tunku Khalsom
Image: Russel Wong

Revered for her exceptional usage of colours in her artworks, Tunku Khalsom is an artist that seeks to invite viewers into her technicolour world. And starting from this month till October 3, fans of Tunku Khalsom can head over to Bayfront Pavillon at Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay to enjoy her new exhibition called “The Colours That Surround Us”.

For Tunku Khalsom, her obsession with colours stems from the versatility it confers. For example, she loves how contrasting hues can blend together well and what results from the combination often gives her a pleasant surprise. “I love to see what happens when you layer colours and textures, and you are never completely sure what you’re going to get,” said the artist in an interview with Art Republik.

Royal Orchid, 120X120cm, Tunku Khalsom
Image: Tunku Khalsom

More than just the aesthetic appeals of colours, Tunku Khalsom is interested in the psychological influence it has on her viewers. “It’s said that looking at warm, bright colours such as pink and red releases the ‘feel good hormone’ dopamine, improving our mood and attention. Certain bright colours make us feel energised, and other cooler hues have a calming effect,” says Tunku Khalsom in a statement. 

Another recurring motif of Tunku Khalsom’s art pieces is butterflies. She once mentioned explained her liking for butterflies and how it is a universal symbol of change and personal growth — the symbolic creature once again graces her works. 

Fuchsia Fuchsia, 120x120, Tunku Khalsom cm, Mixed media on wood panel
Image: Tunku Khalsom

The use of colours and butterflies are highly apt in our current times. The multi-hued visuals bring vibrancy while the butterflies represent rebirth. As our society slowly emerges out of the shadows of the pandemic, the colourful future awaits us. Tunku Khalsom’s body of works gives her viewers a glimpse into what is in store and we cannot wait for it to take flight. 

Tunku Khalsom’s “The Colours That Surround Us” exhibition is done in conjunction with fellow artist, Dale Chihuly and his showcase titled, “Dale Chihuly: Glass in Bloom” and they are brought in by the Hustle and Bustle Group. Other local artists are also roped in to display their art pieces around the venue so it is an exciting event not to be missed!

For more information about Tunku Khalsom’s “The Colours That Surround Us”, click here.

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