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A Dog Is Selling Madonna’s Former Miami Home

The world’s wealthiest dog is selling Madonna’s Miami home for US$31.75 million, which it purchased in 2000.

Nov 19, 2021 | By luxuo
madonna miami mansion
Image: Compass

A dog, a German Shepard to be exact, is selling Madonna’s former Miami home. This dog belonged to Karlotta Liebenstein, a German countess, who died in 1992 and left a staggering inheritance of over US$80 million to her beloved pet, Gunther III.

Since then, Gunther and its progeny have enjoyed the high life, with a diverse spread of real estate properties. Of which includes a Miami mansion Madonna once owned. The Queen of Pop sold the 8,400-square-foot Tuscan-style villa to Gunther IV for US$7.5 million 21 years ago.

Two Gunthers later, the dog’s decendent Gunter VI, is putting the luxury property on the market for US$31.75 million.

this dog is selling madonna's miami home

Compass realtor, Ruthie Assouline, told Architectural Digest: “We have sold countless multimillion-dollar homes, but this is definitely a first. When the handlers initially told me a dog owned the property, I didn’t believe it.”

madonna miami home
Image: Compass

But it is true. When Gunther finds itself in Miami, it sleeps in Madonna’s former master bedroom, complete with a custom Italian red-velvet round bed overlooking Biscayne Bay. A gilded-frame portrait of itself sits on top of the fireplace in the living room. The space also includes custom woodwork on the ceiling and a coral grand staircase.

madonna miami home
Image: Compass

Gunther III comes from a long line of German Shephards, dating back six generations (40 human years). His handlers have invested in numerous sectors from real estate to publishing, and even sports teams and nightlife.

Today, Gunther is worth half a billion — making him the wealthiest dog in the world.

madonna miami home
Image: Compass

Gunther lives quite the opulent life, travelling by yacht and private jet, dining on prime rib and caviar, collecting sportscars — it is quite the pampered pooch. It even purchased a US$1.1 million white truffle in an auction in 2001.

Aside from the quirky homeowner, the property boasts 1.2-acres of land lined with royal palm trees and lush landscaping coupled with breathtaking bay views.

Also for sale, is Prince Charles’ former country estate in Dartmoor National Park. A family home sitting on 9.22 acres of land. Featuring paddocks, a woodland, and a bank of the River Dart that comes with fishing rights, the property is up for sale for US$6.7 million, and his royal highness himself could visit on short notice for a bit fishing if he so wishes.

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