Dubai 2020 Expo: Living Rainforests, Augmented Reality and More

The Dubai 2020 Expo is here and we take a look at the coolest pavilions on display at the fair.

Oct 04, 2021 | By luxuo

Expo 2020 Dubai is now on until 31 March 2022. With its gorgeous displays of architecture — from augmented reality to living buildings — the event is guaranteed to delight.

For the uninitiated, the Expo 2020 Dubai show is the latest edition of World Expos held around the globe. The World Expo series has been running since the 19th century in 1851. The first event was held in London and was called the Great Exhibition. The exhibition is a global gathering of nations to create solutions to the most pressing issues today with engaging activities for millions of visitors.

If you’re planning to head down to Dubai’s event, make sure to check out these pavilions:


Australia pavilion, Dubai Expo 2020
Image: Australia Expo 2020

From our mates from the Land Down Under, the pavilion from Australia is a venue where visitors can get to experience live performances from musicians and dancers. Bringing along its vibrant cultures and energy to the world during this six-month, this is a stop not to be missed if you are in the area.


The standout feature in Belgium’s pavilion is the lush Green Arch exterior showcasing the process of biomimicry — a concept in which solutions to modern-day situations are modelled on nature. The Belgium pavilion is also representative of the country’s prowess in championing mobility and its commitment on sustainability.


Unsurprisingly, China has the largest pavilion at the exhibition. China’s impressive display has practically floated into Dubai in the shape of a traditional Chinese lantern. Its pavilion features ancient innovations with a modern spin on them. At night, the lantern delivers a dazzling light show on its façade. This pavilion melds the ancient with the modern — a feast for the eyes.


france pavillion dubai 2020
Image: Farel Bisotto
france pavillion dubai 2020
Image: Dany Eid

An interactive exhibition titled, “Notre-Dame de Paris, the Experience” showcases the cathedral’s 850 year-long history using augmented reality. It takes visitors through the cathedral’s construction in the Middle Ages, its role in the religious, political and cultural landscape of France, and the restoration work after the fire in 2019.


Hungary’s pavilion is sure to make a splash. The country has more thermal hot springs than any other country in Europe and that fact is made clear throughout its entire display. Guests can take a dip into its interactive exhibition learning about its unique water resources, curative waters, and bathing culture. In a time where water is increasingly becoming scarce, this pavilion is both interesting and educational.


One important point to note for the Malaysian pavilion is the country’s strong emphasis on pushing for sustainability. Apart from just looking splendid — the pavilion mirrors the rainforest canopy commonly found in Southeast Asia — the symbolic meaning behind it holds greater importance. The installation reaffirms Malaysia’s vision of balancing socio-economic development with environmental concerns. Furthermore, the entire construction has net zero carbon emission.

Saudi Arabia

Before Expo 2020 had even begun, Saudi Arabia’s pavilion had already won three world records. The first of which is the world’s largest interactive lighting floor, it has 7,998 LED lights for visitors to interact with. Called “Vision”, the art exhibition showcases its culture and was curated entirely by Saudi artists. The pavilion also has the world’s largest LED mirror screen and the longest interactive water feature.


True to Singapore’s motto of “City in a Garden”, you’ll be hard-pressed to find where architecture ends and nature begins. More of a tropical rainforest than a pavilion, it shows the world that architecture should be an extension of nature.


The pavilion from Spain demonstrates to the world three things: solidarity, creativity, innovation. These are values that are inherent in every Spanish people. To help bring forth the message of sustainability, the materials used on its iconic facade to the furniture, and the motto of its different activities, is designed to promote a discussion around the future we want to live in and our ability to influence it.


Practically the most important pavilion you would need to visit at the Expo, the UAE pavilion showcases Emirati milestones — from constructing the tallest building in the world to reaching Mars — and culture over four storeys.


Following the theme of “Distilling the past, Shaping the future,” the pavilion from Vietnam wishes to showcase its unique culture to the world as well as its achievements in the areas of science and technology. It is now ready to take on the world with its untapped potential and the country can’t wait to share with everyone.

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