Alternative Gemstones for Your Engagement Ring

Diamond are a classic for engagement rings but if you want to step out of the convention, here are a few gemstones you can choose from.

Oct 25, 2021 | By luxuo
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Image: Unsplash/Sabrinna Ringquist

Proposing to your special someone is a huge commitment because you’re one step closer to sealing the deal. You must choose an engagement ring representing your undying love and commitment to your significant other. There are various interesting options to consider.

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Diamonds represent the most classic choice for engagement rings. However, if you want a different gem to grace the ring, there are other stones that you can consider. After all, there’s no such rule that states that only a diamond would suffice. If you want a less costly alternative or a unique choice, there are several options out there. A caveat, though, when choosing an alternative – make sure it fits your beloved’s lifestyle. Choose something durable enough to withstand daily use or continue to look elegant when she puts it on for special occasions.

In this article, we’ll look into other gemstones that will still showcase your love and dedication.


sapphire wedding ring
Image: Unsplash/Fallon Michael

If she fancies something blue, you can set sapphire on a classic cut ring and embellish it with smaller diamonds to set it off. However, don’t think that sapphire is limited to blue hues as they can also occur in different shades of peach, yellow, pink, white, and green. These coloured sapphires will make for a unique eye-catcher on your soon-to-be-wife’s finger.


emerald ring
Image: Unsplash/Sabrinna Ringquist

If your beloved has green eyes, you can choose to complement it with an emerald engagement ring. Emeralds are among the toughest gemstones around, so they’ll withstand damage. They also look luxurious and precious because of the way they capture and reflect light. They’re definitely one of the better available alternatives. They’re a classic choice that you can still set up on a modern cut and retain a great look.


ruby ring
Image: Unsplash/Samar Ahmad

If she likes something bold but retains the timelessness of a classic gemstone, you’ll have a perfect option with rubies. They’re durable and have colours ranging from pink to deep red, which will pair well with other jewellery. You can offset the stone with smaller diamonds or other gemstones to accentuate its hue.


moissanite ring
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If you want an elegant stone that looks like a diamond but isn’t as expensive, then moissanite is the best choice for you. They’re the second hardest gemstone in the Mohr’s scale, and their clarity makes it highly versatile. They’re also sustainable as they’re lab-created, so it’s a progressive choice.


opal wedding ring
Image: Unsplash/Katelyn MacMillan

If you want a gemstone that reflects the colours of the rainbow, choose a vibrantly clear opal. They also come in black and white, so they’re a relatively versatile gemstone. They’re a timeless classic that’s making a comeback. If your significant other appreciates gems in antique settings, then she’ll enjoy wearing this everywhere she goes.

Final thoughts

Diamonds are a woman’s best friend and are forever, as the ads go. However, when it comes to expressing a man’s commitment and love, there are other ways of expressing it with gemstones that reflect their personalities. You can choose the right one and place them in the right ring setting to suit your budget, too.

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