Steve Aoki x Zegna: Triple Stitch Sneaker that You Don’t Want to Miss

With limited supply, the fastest finger will get a pair of this luxurious pair of sneakers.

Sep 20, 2021 | By luxuo
Steve Aoki Portrait
Image: Zegna

Italian fashion house Zegna has partnered with Grammy-nominated DJ, producer, designer and entrepreneur Steve Aoki to create a fresh take on the brand’s iconic Triple Stitch sneaker. This collaboration is part of the brand’s global community of “Modern Voices” where the aim is to redefine how men’s wardrobe should look in our modern times.

The Triple Stitch sneaker is chosen to initiate the conversation about making menswear less formal and more fitting of contemporary aesthetics. For a long time, menswear has always been known to have little variations in its stylistic codes. Suits, ties and Oxfords are the staples in men’s wardrobe and continue to be essential for many. 

Enlisting Aoki is a natural step for the brand as the multi-hyphenate has the ability to set trends and inspire creativity. Despite the Triple Stitch sneakers looking casual, the interior is luxuriously lined with leather-suede making them extremely comfortable when they are worn. On the exterior, Zegna’s signature triple crossing-elastic detail is also featured. Personalised numbers can be found alongside the Steve Aoki logo on the back.

Adding flair to the shoes is the Aoki blue rubber outsole that runs throughout. And to take personalisation to the next level, each pair will be personally fitted thus making the Triple Stitch Sneaker a one-of-a-kind collectible.

Zegna has been making headway in redefining how men should dress and it is at the forefront of this burgeoning trend. Through its #whatmakesaman campaign, the brand is challenging us to rethink our preconceived ideas, reaffirm what values are truly important, and reconsider the definition of modern masculinity.​ Pushing boundaries is second nature to Zegna, for it has been doing so for the past 110 years and being a leader of its field, it will be thrilling to see how menswear can be rejuvenated and become exciting once again.

Head over to to learn more about this limited-edition Steve Aoki Triple Stitch Sneaker and how to get one for yourself.

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