Ryan Gosling is TAG Heuer’s Newest Ambassador

Ryan Gosling chose luxury Swiss watch brand TAG Heuer as his first-ever brand partnership.

Oct 08, 2021 | By luxuo
ryan gosling tag heuer
Image: TAG Heuer

Swiss luxury watch brand TAG Heuer has announced the signing of Ryan Gosling as its brand ambassador.

From his brooding role in Drive to his Oscar-nominated musical role in La La Land, Gosling is versatile, but his roles do have one thing in common: a willingness to be fearless and to constantly challenge himself.

That is what made the Swiss luxury brand appoint him as its newest ambassador. Where passion, effortless style, and commitment are as central to the man as they are to the brand. Gosling also brings something new to the table: a new breed of masculinity that is sensitive and low-key at the same time.

tag heuer carrera
Image: TAG Heuer

Regarding the appointment, CEO Frédéric Arnault said in a press release: “We are thrilled to announce Ryan Gosling as TAG Heuer global ambassador, for his first-ever brand partnership. A star since his early days, he has grown to become an icon — one both enigmatic and inscrutable. He is a true artist who chooses his projects with utmost care and dedicates himself to them like no other, not only shaping his character but the entire creative direction. The movie Drive represents the strongest link with who we are today, and we are excited about the creative projects we have together.”

The brand also revisited one of its most iconic collections, the TAG Heuer Carrera and presents a new take on the sporty and elegant three-hand watch. 

tag heuer carrera
Image: TAG Heuer

A modern reinterpretation of the collection, it features 13 pieces and has four versions: the TAG Heuer Carrera Day Date  41 mm, the TAG Heuer Twin-Time 41 mm, the TAG Heuer Carrera Date 39 mm, and the TAG Heuer Carrera Date 29 mm.

All references will be offered in a stainless-steel case with a choice of black, blue, or silver dials featuring the new Carrera logo.

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