The Jacket Maker: Disrupting the Leather Jacket Industry with Multiple Product Offerings

The Jacket Maker is one such trailblazer that started as a traditional e-commerce model but quickly rising through the ranks.

Sep 10, 2021 | By LUXUO
The Jacket Maker, Gregg
Image: Jacob Muller

The history of tanning and crafting leather goods takes us back to 400,000 years ago, prehistoric and ancient times. Since the very beginning, humankind has embraced leather for its durability, finesse and utility. Over the years, leather craftsmanship emerged as a powerful art form used in manufacturing garments, footwear, accessories, riding gear, jewellery and much more.

The Industrial Revolution gave rise to mass production, and the essence of artisanal craftsmanship was overshadowed by synthetic and cheap variations of leather goods. However, the fashion industry continues to harbour trailblazing brands that revive and restore the artisanal flair of leather crafting that allows customers to cherish a fabulously bespoke creation, among other product assortments.

The Jacket Maker is one such trailblazer that started as a traditional e-commerce model but quickly decided to create something extraordinarily special for its patrons. The brand aims to connect with the creative vision of its customers and help them design something truly unique and special. The brand empowers its clientele by allowing them to actualise their vision with fine quality leather and specialised techniques. Keep reading to learn more about the brand’s leather creations, and invest in its ready-to-wear and made-to-measure collections. Apart from its finely tailored men’s leather jacket.

Impact of The Jacket Maker in The Leather Jacket Industry

Customer satisfaction lies at the heart of this company’s ethos and brand integrity. The brand merges its e-commerce model with an artisanal vision that aims to provide superior value without breaking the bank. The brand has revolutionised the industry by allowing customers to enjoy the experience of crafting a custom jacket using luxurious raw materials.

The brand has embraced a direct-to-consumer model, empowering its patrons with the ability to design their own products without spending thousands of dollars. The attention to detail is commendable, and The Jacket Maker has garnered tremendous applause for the quality of materials and handcrafting techniques. Previously, such craftsmanship was witnessed only in luxury brands with a long history of crafting leather goods, such as Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci.

Brand Promise: A Treasure Trove of Finely Crafted Leather Goods

The Jacket Maker, Simon
Image: Jacob Muller

It’s natural for leather enthusiasts to feel ecstatic while browsing through The Jacket Maker website, as the variety is vast and fabulous, and the prices are cost-effective. It’s a leather heaven for shopaholics eager to add finely crafted leather jackets, coats and accessories to their wardrobe. Let’s take a look at the brand’s offering and product lines.

Ready to wear

The Jacket Maker’s RTW collection consists of a wealth of variety in leather jackets and classy outerwear designed with fine raw materials, such as sheepskin, cowhide, suede and wool. If you’re shopping for a much-needed wardrobe upgrade or an upcoming trip, its RTW collection will cover all your outerwear needs and elevate your style.

The RTW collection comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from XS to 4XL. The inclusive brand has also added a plus-size line to present curvy women with style-savvy and finely tailored leather outwear. The prices are amazingly affordable, allowing customers to splurge their hearts out without an ounce of guilt!

Made to Measure

Shopping a leather jacket off the rack runs the risk of wasting money on an oddly shaped creation that doesn’t flatter your form. Leather is not a material that will contour itself to fit and flatter your body shape. But rather, it has to be made to measure to get the perfect fit that will enhance your form by fitting like a glove.

The Jacket Maker gives its patrons the luxury of made-to-measure leather jackets and accessories designed to the customer’s sizing and specifications. Customers can enjoy leather garments and accessories tailored to flatter their body type and comfort preferences.

Bespoke Creations

Custom crafted leather goods are by far the most impressive and iconic facet of their brand ethos. The Jacket Maker has catered to over 20,000 custom projects for over 10,000 customers in more than 50 countries worldwide. The Jacket Maker has revived a centuries-old tradition of custom leather craftsmanship with a digitally savvy twist that allows accessibility and affordability for leather enthusiasts.

Customers are contacted by their designated design consultant after making a request through The Jacket Maker website. The consultation process warrants ample room for creativity, as patrons can select their own fabrics, colour palette, pigments, embroidery and ornamentation, and other details. The design team translates the customers’ vision into creative illustrations before actualizing their vision with a custom-made product.

The B2B Wing: Transforming the Art of Corporate Gifting

The Jacket Maker, Margaux
Image: Jacob Muller

The Jacket Maker is driven by a creatively ambitious vision and continues expanding its craftsmanship techniques and e-commerce models towards promising new directions. Its B2B wing has transformed the traditions of corporate gifting by offering brands and businesses a unique competitive edge.

Businesses can reinvent their brand integrity and image by trusting The Jacket Maker’s finely crafted leather goods and customise them to align with their branding elements. The Jacket Maker’s B2B wing and corporate gifting provides a wealth of custom leather goods, including textile jackets, denim goods, handbags, messenger and duffle bags, wallets, belts and more.

This strategy has worked wonders at elevating promotional campaigns with the exclusivity of finely crafted and beautifully tailored leather. Brands can present their customers, employees, investors and associates with a custom-made selection of branded leather creations carrying their logo and branding elements in style.

The Jacket Maker is an iconic brand set on the path to revolutionising the leather goods industry by combining fine craftsmanship with affordability. Investing in a custom-made leather handbag was a dream for millions of customers who could not afford the exorbitant prices of luxury brands. This company has made fine leather goods more accessible for fashion lovers who wish to embrace extravagance without breaking the bank.

In a short time period, The Jacket Maker has achieved impressive feats for its patrons, from its inclusive ready-to-wear collection to its made-to-measure and bespoke creations. It empowers leather enthusiasts and fashion lovers with the power to curate their own designs and flaunt their artistic vision. Brands that revolutionize industries shift power to their customers, and this company has worked wonders at enhancing transparency around leather crafting techniques and processes.

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