A-COLD-WALL* Reunites With Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens isn’t lacking in collaborations this year, as they team up once again with A-COLD-WALL* for an industrial take on their 1461 shoes.

Sep 03, 2021 | By luxuo
dr martens a cold wall collab

On the heels of several collaborations, such as their JJJound and atmos collaborations, Dr. Martens is partnering up with A-COLD-WALL* for a new 1461 “Graphite” collaboration that dropped yesterday, September 2.

This is the second time the brands will be collaborating with each other, the first being a stark black reimagination of the classic 1460 silhouette to celebrate 60 years of the boot that dropped a year ago, in 2020.

Reworking the classic 1461 shoes, ACW delivers a new take on the iconic silhouette of the boots. Much like their earlier collaboration, Samuel Ross has stripped the laces and replaced them with a zipper down the throat, giving it a sharp, minimalist look, matching the aesthetics of the brand. The smooth leather finish of the shoe is also in a “Graphite” shade. The brand name, “ACW”,  is also embossed on the heel. 

Released in 1961, the 1461 shoes were originally shoes for the British working class. By the end of the decade, Dr. Martens had become synonymous with self-expression, turning their shoes from a work-wear staple to a subcultural icon. 

What were once shoes for the average postman back in the day to a shoe that has been adopted by youth movements across the world, allowing each individual to express their own style.

With the history behind the shoes, Ross has delivered a contemporary take on the well-loved shoes, calling back to Britain’s post-war housing structures, using architectural thinking to redesign the shoes. 

If you’d like to see more of this collaboration, it’s now available to view online here.

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